Custom cabinet design

million dollar man, 500+ custom cabinet drawings per year

Project management

build to suit restaurants, up to 10,000 square feet, 3 kitchens, and an elevator

Power user...

TurboCAD, MegaCAD, SilverScreen Solid Modeler, CabinetVision Solid

MS Office tools:

Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, FrontPage, Custom Style Sheets (css)

A brief history...

I worked in my parents' restaurant and construction through my college years to pay tuition. I built my first restaurant in 1986 for the family in the old-town district of Fort Collins, CO. Following that, I moved to the Chicago area where I had friends and worked as a glazer in Lombard for a year. Then I moved into the city, and my first job was in the Rush Street district as a waiter in a fine-dining restaurant named Turbo. Bob Djahanguiri, the owner, got to trust and know me, and it wasn't more than 6 months later that he made the decision to remodel the restaurant and change its concept. He asked me if I was interested in running the job for him. It wasn't a big, a few subcontractors and myself, but it was my start. After that that I hung up my waiter's apron for a tool belt and joined the carpenters' union working mostly on restaurants, fixtures, scenery flats, and props.

Going solo!

One day I walked into a gutted building in Bucktown and parlayed a chance meeting with a restaurateur, Bobby Palidino, into a working relationship. I told him I wanted to build his restaurant. That opened the door. From 1991 to early 1995 I built restaurants as a project manager thanks in part to his promoting of my work. On one job I met Michael Trejtnar. Like me, he worked independently, and we collaborated. Mike is a Czech who having escaped communism decided it was time to return home to a democratic, capitalistic, republic. He asked me to come along for the adventure. If you knew me then you'd understand why I couldn't say no. That's how I ended up in the Czech Republic. We looked into building homes and then settled on wood processing. We milled in Ukraine and had panel production in the Czech Republic. I did this for four years and returned to the US in 1999. Since then I've had a more sedate life doing CAD work for a molding company and then kitchen design-sales that you can learn more about in the cabinet section.