Hutch: gallery 1

Whether you call it a hutch, a bookcase, a bureau, a china cabinet, a built-in or armoire, it is here that you will find the most individuality and ability for owners to express themselves by building what they need.

Could that smile be faked or is this just about the happiest person you ever saw?
elevation view

This cabinet matched the style of the kitchen. kitchen

This is a blended family. To the left is a bookcase in golden pecan and living on the same wall a white china cabinet, but scratch the surface and they're all the same underneath...alder. elevation view

Together in perfect harmony. The lighting looks great too.

This family had moved from California. Everything was very light. They wanted a lot of storage for china and a just as big a place to display things. Image how nice it would with colorful, decorative glass, pottery, and china.

This was a custom stain and tone on alder. The owner was very involved in the process and had several meeting to make sure everything came out just perfect. He sent me these pictures and was very happy. Notice one piece of crown molding is missing. That was fixed.
elevation view

This is a matching bookcase. Arching the top rail and fluting the columns added a lot of character to this piece.
elevation view

This is a common variation of a hutch that I did time and time again.
3d view

What people like about this cabinet is that with a corbel, the cabinet didn't look like a base with an upper. It looked built-in.
elevation view