Vanity: gallery 1

Where people spend their time, they spend their money. One of those being in the bath. Instead of his and her sink, now it's I got mine and you got yours.

An open floor plan into the bath. For me, nothing a door couldn't solve, but hey I'm not a trend setter or a nudist.

But at least there's a fireplace to keep you warm from the drafts while you soak in the tub. Which side do you think is more feminine?

This side definitely has "she" written all over it though today it could be for the "metro-male" type.

On the other hand this side could be more "id", or just what your wife leaves you after she claims the linen cabinet.

Now this is what I call tradition. A shared cabinet. You can see this couple knows how to compromise too. One prefers a traditional toothbrush and the other an electric. But she told me they both agree there's comfort in a kitchen height vanity.

Here's something you see more all the time, a cabinet on the counter. It takes the place of having a medicine cabinet in the wall. Beware, make sure there is room between the door and the counter-top or anything under the door will be swept to the floor.

What you see here is maximum use of space. Usually the space under the sink has no room for a drawer. That's why the drawer under the sink is called a "dummy drawer." It is filled the sink bowl, pipes and the drain. Here, I worked out room to put a drawer on the bottom. I named it the "smart drawer."

Wow, that plant has to go.

Perspective, this was a strange bathroom. The wall you see on the left is for the tub, which left the opening for the linen cabinet. Looking at it now, I should have brought the linen cabinet flush to the corner then I wouldn't have had to worry about using such a wide style on the left side for the door swing.