Club Lucky  1990

Located in Bucktown, Wabansia and Honore, an old Polish Neighborhood off of Milwaukee Avenue.

The first and wildly successful collaboration between Jimmy Higgins and Bobby Paladino, they took what had been a 50's dance hall, kept the charm and nostalgia, and whipped up a new atmosphere of fine dining.

Symbolism extends to the sign.

Ever savvy to the marketing and the feeling that the presentation evokes an era of simpler times, a certain standard of service and civility, this restaurant attacked upwardly mobile baby-boomers.

The front door enters into the bar.

The bar and back-bar are original with exception of a new Corian top. Here is Bobby Paladino helping to set some trim.

This is Bobby today almost 15 years later along with Jimmy Higgins and a guest.

Joe, the original bartender cleaning a cooler that will hold chilled wines.

Joe standing at the bar ready to serve a drink.

And today, his contemporary pouring a martini.