Before, in-between, and after there was always something to keep me busy. Theatrical flats, Kawneer architectural aluminum storefronts, flat-work, roofing, waiting tables.

In 1986 this is where it all began a second restaurant for the family located in historic OLD TOWN Fort Collins Co.

This was a fish restaurant named Turbo and the owner Bob Djahanguiri decided to change concepte to Italian food. My first work in Chicago, the interior & exterior were remodeled and the named changed to Coppi.

Sitting in the interior of Coppi after it was completed. The floor is faux paint done with tissue paper and an eraser.

Owner Bob Djahanguiri on seeing the results beams with pride.

A night club in Joliet based on the beach theme.

The bar...makes you want to order a pina colada?

No open flames at the bar.

The swordfish was caught off the coast of baja near a nuclear power plant.

The wheel under the exit sign and life preserver to its right were from the popular 60's tv series Gulligan's Island and stloen from a Planet Holiwood.