Given the opportunity to try something new I saw no reason to say no. That is how I came to be in the Czech Republic between 1995-1999. Cellutec is a wood processor of laminated panels use mostly in the production of doors and door panels.

Office, headquarters of Cellutec, located in the little town of Jevicko in the region of Moravia, Czech Republic.

The plants output is predominately beech. In the yard are elements to be processed. Burning waste from the dust collection system provided heat for the kilns and production buildings. The silo to the right contained the dust and chips to be burned.

The facility has 500 m3 of kiln space.

You are looking in the opposite direction; the production hall is to the right.

Here are some workers re-cutting and grading wood preparing it for production.

Molding operations, edging the boards before gluing.

After edging, and finger jointing if needed, the elements are set in a large press and glued together.

The glued panels are edged, cut to size and surfaced.

A panel re-cut to size before packing and shipping.