Custom cabinet design

million dollar man, 500+ custom cabinet drawings per year

Project management

build to suit restaurants, up to 10,000 square feet, 3 kitchens, and an elevator

Power user...

TurboCAD, MegaCAD, SilverScreen Solid Modeler, CabinetVision Solid

MS Office tools:

Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, FrontPage, Custom Style Sheets (css)

And Bill said, let there be light...

In the beginning there wasn't Word or Excel. I worshiped false idols Amipro and Lotus 123. It wasn't until I had relocated to the Czech Republic and Windows 95 débuted that I saw the light and was in rapture with Bill Gates. Fortunately I was in luck. Most people were in the same situation as me, infidels. Too, my fellow converts were equally disadvantaged as I trying to learn the programs. The operating systems were in Czech, but the textbooks only available in English. I sill have my matching set of Mastering Windows 95 and Mastering Excel for Windows. The publisher, Sybex, called them the Bible of textbooks. I thought of them as my Rosetta stone because not only did I learn the programs but also I learned Czech by translating the menus and commands.


The first thing I had to do was make a password. Mine was--pomocme. This is Czech for 'help me,' and it is exactly how I felt at the time. I read those books cover to cover, learned the programs and taught myself Czech.


There was immediate need to put my newfound powers to use. I was sent to Ukraine to figure out production. We processed logs from the forest with little idea of waste or relationship between class, diameter, price, and output. Using Excel we could track these factors as well as measure operator output and time to process a log. Result, we now had a baseline to build a sales program. As I was finishing this project we made a contract to deliver elements to Belgium using this information.

What about all these programs?

You might be wondering what my level of competency is with these office products. I am a power user in all these with exception of Access and only because it is the one I have used least. I do understand relationship data base tables and could easily jump into it and within a short time.