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 Daily Bar & Grill
 Club Lucky

A stylized diner evoking the 30's. You can learn more about this project by viewing the page SALT & PEPPER.

A contemporay picture of the diner showing how well it has aged and the urban development that followed its opening.

A bar, part of the Daily Bar & Grill on Chicagos North side in the Lincoln Village area.

Club Lucky, a trendy near west side restaurant in Buck-Town right in the area made famous in the film, "Man with the golden arm," starring Frank Sinatra.

Paladino's just west of the Loop after gutting. The whole store front was removed.

Always a signal of impending opening, swinging the sign into mounting position.

A mural, part of the interior finish of Porcini Restaurant on the near north side.

Coppi located in the night-life Rush Street area. Harry Carey, the honorary mayor of the district, often ate here as well as Michael Jordan.

A night club located in Joliet, Illinois when beach theme bars were the rage. Find stuff like this in the STUFF page.