Paladino's 1994

Just west of loop, in the old fruit market district and not 6 blocks from the United Center, Paladino's was a pioneer in urban renewal of this area. Do to development the district is almost unrecognizable today.

The remodel when was just over 10,000 square feet. It has an elevator and includes 3 kitchens, fine dining on the first floor, and a pizzaria on the second floor. This picture is take just prior to opening and shows the new sidewalk and preperations for resurfacing the street.

A workman for Whiteway sign company makes his installation. The sign was set on the corner at a 45 to catch traffic in both directions.

Inside, on the first floor looking at the framed store front resting on a new footer. Each opening held working doors exiting to an outdoor seating area under an awning.

Turning 180 degrees towards the rear, this photo shows the gutted building with the opening made to the second floor prepared for the staircase to be installed. To the back and right of the picture is the shaft for the original elevator that will be used once again.

The crew from 555 who installed the metal staircase. It was the main feature of the room. The bar and coat-check were incorporated into this structure. Straight back is the line kitchen.

Looking down from the installed staricase to the first floor where the storefront waits paint.

Painters priming the second floor.

The oringinal basement conditions. Due to water extensive corrosion was found on the I-beams and the basement had to be excavated 12" to reach 8' ceiling height.

Looking at the hood in the prep-kitchen of the basement after new floor poured, and I-beams installed.