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My web is a means to showcase my skills, work and experience. Its objective is to allow me to broadcast to the greatest possible audience a virtual interview that I hope both expands the pool of available employers and winnows incompatibility. That's why I have spent considerable time and energy putting it together. I hope you find the contents informative and interesting.

A wide array of talents

I have produced 500 custom kitchen drawings per year while handling two customer meetings per day. Maybe it would interest you to know I built trendy restaurants in Chicago, worked in lumber mills in Ukraine, or ran production for a wood processor in the Czech Republic. I have finished concrete, glazed storefronts, built bars, laid interior trim and dug the occasional hole. Beyond construction, I'm highly computer literate. I can draw in CAD, make a spreadsheet, render a graph, import or generate primary data in Excel, use Outlook contacts to construct form letters in Word, give a presentation in PowerPoint or develop a web page using JavaScript and CSS. This web and all its contents are my work.

What am I looking for?

I want to know what's out there. I need a creative challenge, but am hesitant to specify a specific job because my conviction is there is somebody looking for someone just like me, and this web site will bring us together. I'm humble enough to know that to be successful in this pursuit I need all the help I can get from you, a friend, an intermediary or a business contact. To that end if you know anyone you think can help me please pass this site to them and thanks for giving me a look.